Hero at Urban Outfitters

We’re super excited to tell you that you can now buy Hero posters at Urban Outfitters. Urban commissioned us to design two posters to sell on their online web store and at select retail stores. Both art prints are hand silkscreen printed by us, as always. Each print comes packaged with a handprinted cardboard backer featuring a fun design, available exclusively through Urban Outfitters, additionally each print comes with a handprinted postcard about the print.

So head over to the Urban Outfitters web store (links below) and show UO your support for Hero by buying these new prints. If you purchase these from the Urban Outfitters site now, you will even have them in time for Christmas!  Buy them both and get free shipping! Plus from now until December 17, take 20% off all orders of $100 or more on the Urban Outfitters site. Enter BIGDEAL at the checkout.

**Update** These prints are now available from the Hero web store as well: My Aim is True and Nothing But a Wing


My Aim is True – 16″ x 20″ Hand Printed 5-color Silkscreen Art Print

Nothing But a Wing – 16″ x 20″ Hand Printed 2-color Silkscreen Art Print

2 Responses to “Hero at Urban Outfitters”

  1. These posters are really quite beautiful! They display very clever use of the graphic elements and are brilliantly pulled together into a most unique compilation. Congratulations on some very successful designs!

  2. These prints are engaging. The concepts embodied and expounded through both (but particularly through “Nothing But a Wing”) are quite a cut above the norm. To see beyond the simple yet elegant physical forms is akin to seeing beyond the sublunary forest of mortality. What awaits beyond is a glorious and sempiternal refuge from terrestrial unbalance. The intentional imperfect symmetry of line is a constant reminder that what we seek is never within reach during our brief abode here with the earth mother – we must reach for the impossible regardless. The mask like visage imposes the emptiness of the present upon the soul while the moustache wings inspire hope of the everlasting. What better locale for this nugget of aesthetic wisdom than the UO. Congratulations on your success. May you always be… Hero.

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