Hero was at the Grammys with Ringo Starr

Last night Ringo Starr sported a tee designed by Hero, to the Grammys. It was a shirt we designed for Electric Fetus, an amazing independently owned record store in Minneapolis. We might be geeking out just a tad bit today!!

Here’s a close up of the graphic!

Photo credits from top: 1) Michael Caulfield / WireImage.com 2) Getty Images

4 Responses to “Hero was at the Grammys with Ringo Starr”

  1. Buffalopundit says:

    Coolest thing ever. Congratulations.

  2. daveconrey says:

    I didn't even notice Ringo; I was so enamored with Nora Jones. Congrats

  3. Alicia says:

    That is pretty flipping amazing! Congratulations!

  4. Aesthetic Outburst... says:

    That's seriously awesome! Congrats!

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